Zac Brown Band Rocked the Rabbit Hole

Zac Brown Band Rocked the Rabbit Hole

by Kailee Thompson

It’s not a secret that the line-up for the Zac Brown Band concert was an unusual one for a typical country concert.  One Republic, a popular pop band, opened up the night up with some of their big hits and got everybody dancing. The crowds filled in as the band sang through their set with hit songs “Stop and Stare,” “The Good Life,” “Apologize,” and “Counting Stars.”  The stadium was prepared for this opening act, singing back the lyrics as loud as possible so that anyone inside or out could hear the noise.

One Republic isn’t as strange of an opener when you look at the grand scheme of things. The lead singer, Ryan Tedder, actually wrote some songs for Zac Brown Band and other country artists.  Tedder got the crowd pumped up by stating that Keith Urban told him Minneapolis was one of the loudest crowds he has ever performed in from one. Minnesota also had a claim to fame with the keyboardist for One Republic being from the Lake Minnetonka area.

Zac Brown Band took the stage shortly after One Republic and came out booming with their hit song “Homegrown.”  Instantly the crowd was on their feet dancing and singing along. Zac Brown Band really gave the crowd a good mix of their musical ability.  Performing covers from “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” to Sir Mix A Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” The overall performance was not only country but a strong rock presence as well.

The band played some of their hit radio classics like “Toes” and “Colder Weather,” but when they started strumming the chords to “Chicken Fried” the whole stadium went absolutely crazy.  The song was loud enough and the crowd was crazy enough to get any person on their feet dancing along. During the song when the lines, “Salute the ones who died, the ones that give their lives, so we don't have to sacrifice all the things we love” played, Zac Brown brought out a Veteran and had a banner saying thank you for the service.  American pride boded high.

News came that the field was just short of being sold out, so you can imagine how big of a crowd the bands brought in.  Everyone came in high spirits for the show and they were not disappointed by the unique pop/rock/country performance. The talent of the Zac Brown Band really shined when all members of the band had the opportunity to sing at some point during the show.

Zac Brown Band came back to Minneapolis with a bigger, bolder sound that ignited the whole night.  Look for One Republic in the city on their 2019 tour and hopefully, it won’t be long until Zac Brown graces our stages again.