A Great Night With Chris Stapleton - AMSOIL Arena (Duluth, MN)

Chris Stapleton - Amsoil Arena

by Katlyn Kretzschmar

Chris Stapelton began his show by singing “Broken Halo's” with his wife, Morgane Stapelton, by his side on stage. After he finished, the crowd went wild. He started off by saying "Wow, Duluth, this is going to be a great night."


A fan at the show shares what it was like through her eyes, "I guess what comes to mind is that his vocals were spot on! Literally amazing." She added, "A lot of time you go to concerts and the vocals just aren't the same as what you hear. But to me, I felt that it was actually better than listening to the radio. That's how good his vocals were."


Another crowd favorite played was, "Nobody to Blame." while the crowd joined in, Mr. Stapelton's lionesque roar against Ms. Stapleton's rustic balm kept the crowd loud. While Chris performed with his wife, they both faced each other, not the crowd. They held each other’s gaze for seconds, sometimes minutes. It is a shocking reframing of a live performance even though there is an audience rapturously watching. Often it feels as if the whole room is reduced to wordless, loving conversation between two people.


Their amazing connection wasn’t the only thing that stood out that night. The fan shares her surprise of Stapelton’s guitar skills. "I had no idea he was that good because I guess you only see him perform once at a show. He really played that guitar like a rock star! I feel a lot of people don't know that about him because I certainly didn't"