Who Run the World… GIRLS! Who Run the Target Center…GIRLS!

Who Run the World… GIRLS! Who Run the Target Center…GIRLS!

by Molly Pass

Let’s talk about girl power in the Target Center on Friday, June 21 for the Cry Pretty Tour 360 with Carrie Underwood, Maddie & Tae and Runaway June. The night was filled with powerful vocals, non-stop sing-a-longs and lots of sparkles.


Carrie Underwood announced her Cry Pretty Tour 360 almost a year ago and the day was finally here! She took the 360 degree approach to her stage set-up which was a refreshing way to see a concert. It entailed an oval shape stage with a center runway through the oval. On the floor were two different pits and general admission floor standing area around the outside of the stage. This gave all of the artists a chance to play in various parts of the stage and provided the audience the front view of the action from time to time.


Energy was high in Target Center and the DJ kept the energy climbing by playing various country and pop hits. He gave away t-shirts to fans, participated in a dance-off and started the wave. Shortly after 7 PM, Runaway June hit the 360 degree stage and played several of their songs, such as ‘Buy My Own Drinks.’ Their first album comes out June 28th.


The girl power continued when Maddie and Tae came to the stage being raised up on a platform. The set list included songs from their recent EP: One Heart to Another such as songs like ‘Friends Don’t,’ ‘Tourist in This Town,’ and ‘Die From a Broken Heart,’ They also played a few from their 2015 album such as their biggest hit, ‘Girl in a Country Song’ and ‘Fly.’ They tugged on the heart strings of the crowd as they shared how lucky they were to be performing and writing music as best friends for the last 9 years. They also had some fun with the crowd when they performed “Attention” by Charlie Puth. If you haven’t given Maddie & Tae a listen, I promise you won’t be disappointed. This sweet and sassy duo are sure to win you over!


Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood stole the show in Minneapolis when she hit the stage coming out in a sparkly sequin dress with sparkly heels singing her newest radio hit, ‘Southbound’ from her most recent album, Cry Pretty. Her set list contained the perfect mix of old and new hits. She explained to us that is has been nearly three years since new music and touring, so she was excited to be back with all of us in Minneapolis. She continued on with ‘Cowboy Casanova,’ ‘Good Girl,’ ‘Last Name’ and ‘Backsliding’ before taking a brief break for a wardrobe change.


Another sparkly outfit appeared on stage as Underwood belted out ‘Church Bells,’ ‘Two Black Cadillacs,’ and ‘Blown Away.’ The passion and soul she shares with her audience while performing was unbelievable. She expressed her love for being able to sing in the country music genre where she has the ability to sing sassy songs like ‘Before He Cheats’ as well as songs of faith that mean so much to her such as ‘Jesus, Take the Wheel.’ Carrie Underwood is versatile like that which is one reason that makes her so powerful. She has the ability to relate to a lot of people.


The 360 degree stage and the performance was designed so well that every transition was flawless. Screen slides came down from the ceiling which portrayed pictures and other special effects to enhance the performance. She also utilized rising platforms frequently. Her and her band would rise up on various parts of the stage to give everyone in Target Center the perfect view of the show.


With two more outfit changes throughout the night, Carrie really stepped up her energy and performance during the second half of the show as she performed ‘Just a Dream,’ ‘Undo It,’ and ‘End Up With You.’ Carrie shared that her whole family was on tour with her and they were enjoying spending the experience together. We spotted Mike Fischer behind us, off to the side, towards the end of the show. He watched in awe of his wife as did the rest of the audience.


A special part in the show came when Runaway June and Maddie & Tae joined Carrie on stage for ultimate girl power. They sang songs from Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Trisha Yearwood and Shania Twain. It was the ultimate women supporting women act which was a powerful way to tie everything together.


The last three songs of the night were nothing short of amazing! She brought a local girl from Wisconsin whose dad passed away recently on stage to help her rap Ludacris’ part in ‘The Champion’ to represent the struggle that we all face in our daily lives. She arose from a platform to sing ‘Cry Pretty,’ the title track for her album and tour. The last song of the night was ‘Love Wins.’ If everyone wasn’t already on their feet, they were by the end of this show. Carrie Underwood’s down to earth personality, powerful voice and awesome set list made the Cry Pretty Tour 360 one for the books. She is an iconic woman in country music history and she sure knows how to put on a performance. She has come a long way since winning American Idol 14 years ago, and we can’t wait to see where she goes next!