Florida Georgia Line, Dustin Lynch, Chris Lane and Seth Ennis Brought the Party to UNI Dome

Florida Georgia Line, Dustin Lynch, Chris Lane and Seth Ennis Brought the Party to UNI Dome

by Amanda Olson

Back in August of 2016, Chris Lane released his second studio album, Girl Problems, and when he belted out, “Let Me Love You,” everyone sang along.

"...you should let me love you, let me be the one to…."

     He asked the crowd to help him sing the next song and when the band started playing, it was a throwback to the year 2000. Chris started singing the pop hit, “Bye Bye Bye,” by NSYNC. The band was signaled to the front of the stage and during the chorus, Lane and his buddies did the famous dance along to the words.

     Chris thanked his fans for letting him do what he loves and he closed his set with his number one song, “FIX.”

The crowd grew anxious as the road crews changed sets. The UNI Dome went completely black and the intro music finally started to play. Red and white lights flashed along to the beat when all of a sudden, Mitch and Chris, along with the rest of the band started playing the intro to “Hell of a Night.” Dustin Lynch appeared above his drummer, wearing his cowboy hat that we all love and a "Stay Country" shirt from his clothing line. The spotlight and all eyes were on him.

     As he continued to go through his set list, he asked if anyone had a full beer. Once he found a member of the crowd, Dustin asked the fan to chug it while he sang, “Name on It.”

     Dustin stated that he is finishing up his third album in the next couple of weeks and it is set to be released in August. He gave the crowd a taste of what will be on it. Of course, it will include his newest single to country radio, “Small Town Boy,” he also previewed “Love Me or Leave Me.”

     After a shout out to the armed services, police, fire and EMS, he dedicated a song to those heroes, with Travis Tritt’s hit, “It’s a Great Day to be Alive.” While Dustin sang his heart out, a fan member wearing all-American attire appeared above the drummer waving an American flag.

     It was apparent that the crowd could have listened to Dustin all night long, but it was time for him to make his exit. Before leaving, his final song was his certified gold single, “Where it’s at.”

18090737_10212520751632017_1893857045_o (1).jpg

     As soon as the music started, the curtain dropped. BK was on the left side of the stage while Tyler was placed on the right. They were suspended in the air on platforms and started singing their hit tune, "This is How We Roll". They descended to the main stage with flames in the background. Spits of fire continued as the lights and the music played together.

“What’s up Cedar Falls, y’all ready to party?”

     Brian Kelley, known as BK, was sporting his hole-y jeans with a denim patched up over shirt. Tyler, or as most fans call him, THubb, was in his usual cutoff off shirt showing off his tattoos and his backwards flat bill hat. Hit after hit, the party wasn’t stopping. They sang songs from all of their albums, including "It’z Just What We Do," "Round Here," "Anything Goes," and "Get Your Shine On.”

     They explained why the next song was so important to them, and the reason they named their tour after it. Dig Your Roots is the title of FGL’s third studio album. In the lyrics, both guys described their lives and how they want to live them.

      If you listen to country radio, you know that their new single on the radio includes The Backstreet Boys. As they sang "God, Your Momma and Me," the crowd was in a moment of awe. The big screen behind them displayed images from both of their weddings, tying the knot off on a perfect performance.  

"Smooth" and "May We All" came next. The guys gave a shout out to their openers and a small clip played to pass the time before they belted out more of their tunes. The video contained footage from the very beginning, to capturing the huge accomplishments they have made in their careers. They thanked their fans, friends, family and road crews for making their dreams come true.

     As most headliners do, FGL invited Lane, Lynch and Ennis back on stage to collaborate their party themed tune, "Sundaze." Everyone was sporting sunglasses and took turns covering all aspects of the stage.

   Florida Georgia Line came back on stage and started telling the crowd about their playlist that they wanted their fans to hear. Baby pictures of BK and Tyler were placed on the big screen and fans began singing along to "Must Be the Money" and "Should’ve Been a Cowboy". FGL talked about growing up and the music they listened too. Tyler started jamming to Papa Roach, "Last Resort" and as soon as he was done, BK told fans how The Backstreet Boys was his first concert. The crowd went crazy as "Everybody" started playing. The final songs on their playlist, "This is How We Do It" and "Jump Around,” kept everyone on their feet.

     They closed out the party at UNI with their Diamond certified hit, "Cruise.”

     We all know that these artists love what they do and they truly know how to put on one hell of a show! You can catch FGL with Chris Lane, the Backstreet Boys and Nelly on the Smooth stadium tour this summer at the Target Field, July 29th 2017, as well as other locations. Dustin Lynch will also be with Brad Paisley this summer and Seth Ennis will be joining forces with Luke Bryan. So country music fans, go buy your tickets, you will not be disappointed!