Garth Week is Here!

Garth Week is Here!

by Kailee Thompson

The weekend Minnesota country fans have been waiting for has finally arrived!  Last night, the man, the myth, the LEGEND, Garth Brooks played night one at U.S. Bank Stadium. Garth’s shows have been anticipated to be crazy since tickets for both nights sold out within the first hour they went on sale.  Garth has been proclaiming his love for our city ever since and he was sure to give us what we came for.

Before Friday night’s opener took the stage, Garth Brooks himself came to the stage to introduce the band.  How cool is that? King Calaway took the stage in front of over 70,000 people with their lead man being right here from the state of Minnesota.  

Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for, Garth Brooks was raised from under the floor onto the circular stage that allowed people even in the back to have a complete view of the stage.  Starting the night out with his hit song “All Day Long” people were immediately out of their seats screaming the lyrics. Every song Garth sang was a hit, so the night was full of dancing, singing, and plenty of good country music.

The stadium was absolutely lit up.  Garth Brooks probably brought in a louder crowd than any Vikings game has.  There was not a single open seat because this was not a night you wanted to miss.  To hear Garth sing his other hit songs such as “Rodeo,” The Thunder Rolls,” and “Unanswered Prayers,” is an experience any country fan would not want to miss.  Several times, Garth was in awe at the crowd and proclaimed, “I LOVE MY JOB.”

About thirty years ago, when Garth was first being played on country radio, Minneapolis/St. Paul was one of the first five cities to ever play Garth music.  Garth has never forgotten this and it is one of the reasons he loves to come back to Minnesota. He finished his set with the first song he released all that time ago, “The Dance.”

Garth has a ten-man crew that he took the time to introduce.  Many of the band members he has been with for over twenty years, including his old college roommate who has been with him for over thirty years.  Garth has been able to do what he loves for a really long time with the people he loves the most. Their energy on stage and connection was incredible.  

Garth deviated from his previous set lists and played songs that people in the crowd held up signs for.  A woman had a sign that said, “We Shall Be Free” and you best bet Garth just started singing the song. He mentioned that the band had not sang that song together in years.  Another girl’s dream came true when Garth noticed a sign that said “Proposal.” He called out the couple in the crowd who had just gotten engaged at the show. The cameras flashed to the woman so she could show off her ring and then Garth proceeded to sing for them.

Of course, you can’t go to a Garth show and not expect to hear one of the most sing-a-long country songs of all time.  When “Friends in Low Places” started strumming, the crowd went nuts! Garth got to hear his own song sang back to him by 70,000 fans.

The show had people of all ages, bringing together all fans of country music.  Friday’s show was absolutely insane and Saturday’s show is sure to bring even more energy.  This is an event you do not want to miss, with Darius Rucker opening up tonight. Grab your cowboy boots and a couple of friends and get down to U.S. Bank tonight!

(Cover photo; Garth Brooks Facebook)