Black Bear Casino Hit the Jackpot with Gary Allan

Black Bear Casino Hit the Jackpot with Gary Allan

by Kailee Thompson


Man, Gary Allan has some die-hard fans.  The popular singer made his way up north to Black Bear Resort and Casino on Friday night.  Despite the freezing temperatures, a large crowd made it out and sold out the event center.  

Gary Allan isn’t shy when it comes to the stage.  He was showing such raw emotion with every song and jumping back and forth on stage to include the entire audience. Allen was a solo act with no openers and it’s safe to say that everyone was just fine with that.  Allen put on close to a two-hour show with songs ranging from his first number one to a song that hasn’t even been released yet. He was throwing out guitar picks left and right so that several fans had a special memento from the night.

Gary Allen has over 20 years of music out and he sang songs like “It Would Be You” from a 1998 release and “Mess Me Up” which was just released in 2017. He of course sang his radio hits “Every Storm,” “Life Ain’t Always Beautiful,” “It Ain’t The Whiskey,” and “Watching Airplanes.”  No matter what song he sang, the crowd was always feeling it. Allen had a member of the band that would come out to the front of the crowd and play guitar strings with items such as a beer bottle or a whiskey bottle.  Towards the end of the show, the bandmate handed the bottle of whiskey to a man in the crowd to take a swig, and then when he took the bottle back, he continued to impress everyone with his whiskey bottle-playing ability.

By the end of the show, there were no more rules.  People were rushing up out of their seats after several failed attempts from security to make them stay in their seats.  It was an all-seated show, but at the end there was a crowd-formed pit to rock out with Allan before he left the stage.

Gary Allen was an awesome entertainer and very interactive with the crowd.  If you missed him up north this weekend, he will be back this summer to headline Lakes Jam festival in Brainerd, MN on Thursday, June 27th.  Tickets and camping are on sale now for this amazing event with Gary Allan and so many more talented artists. Gary Allen should be an artist on the bucket list that everyone checks off.