When the Good Guys Win…They Put on an Amazing Performance

     When the Good Guys Win…They Put on an Amazing Performance

by Molly Pass

     Grand Casino, Mille Lacs up in Onamia, MN is such a cool place to see a show. The intimate setting of a casino in Northern Minnesota sets the vibe just right for a country concert. The events center, which is transformed into the concert venue, contained a stage and rows of chairs. The energy in that room was off the charts with country fans ready to have a good time. Grand Casino was definitely flooded with flannel shirts and cowboy boots. 

Dylan Schneider

     Dylan started out on stage with the task of getting the crowd warmed up for Granger Smith. He began by asking the crowd whether they were going to be one of those fun crowds or one of those lame crowds? It was shown that we would be one of those fun crowds and kudos goes to him for getting us ready! 

     The songs he played were from his self-released EPs, Wannabe, released in 2016 and 17 and Spotlight’s On You which were both released in 2017. The select songs from those EPs included: “You Heard Wrong,” “Give Me a Red Light,” and “Two Black X’s.” One of the crowd’s favorites was his newest single, “How Does It Sound.” He also threw in some classic country sounds such as “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” from Jake Owen and “Friends in Low Places” from Garth Brooks. 


     Something I noticed very quickly while watching Dylan perform is that he knows how to cut a rug with his dance moves. Part of the reason the crowd was so ready to have some fun was because Dylan moved across the stage back and forth while showing off some of his moves. His energy was really high and he was clearly having a blast!

     18-year old heartthrob with a killer country voice, amazing dance moves and a smile that lights up a room…he is going places! Keep your eyes on him as he very well possibly be the next big thing!


Granger Smith

     Then came time for Granger Smith to take the stage. His show started with the lights off and the sound of his voice ringing out into the audience as he started with “Gimme Something” from his brand new album When the Good Guys Win. He continued on with “City Boy Struck and “Backroad Song.” 


     He explained to the crowd that this was a new tour, titled “Don’t Tread on Me Tour” with a brand new set list after coming off of a tour with Luke Bryan. This was their first time playing this set in front of an audience and they couldn’t be more excited! Granger also shared that as they start this next adventure, he got a brand new guitar and tonight was the first time he used it to perform. 

     His performance included a good variety of his songs ranging from his older ones to his most recent ones. Several other songs from his newest album, When the Good Guys Win, included “Still Holds Up,” “Stutter,” “You’re In It,” “Happens Like That” and the namesake of his album, “When the Good Guys Win.” Some songs from his previous albums were “Silverado Bench Seat,” “If the Boot Fits,” “Country Boy Love” and “Bury Me in Blue Jeans.” 


     In the middle of his show, he showed his appreciation for Dylan Schneider for doing a great job on stage. He also gave a huge shout out to the military members, veterans, law enforcement, and the list goes on, for doing what they do, so that he can do what he loves. This was followed by his song, “Merica” as he proudly waved the American flag. 


     Granger Smith did a phenomenal job keeping the energy up the whole entire time he was on stage. His breaks and transitions between songs were minimal before he had the crowd moving onto another song in no time. He included the crowd more during his show more than I’ve seen in a while. He personally welcomed all those in attendance to the “Yee Yee Nation” in which we were all apart of now. He even went as far to show us how to make the Yee Yee hand sign. He had the crowd competing for which side was more country and could finish his lyrics the loudest. He really put his complete personality and humor into the show which was very obvious to the crowd. After leaving his performance, I feel like I know him better as a person from how he interacted with the crowd and really made us feel apart of his journey. 


     Last but not least, Earl Dibbles, Jr. made an appearance to perform “Don’t Tread on Me” which is also from his most recent album, When the Good Guys Win. Granger Smith is truly a class act. He put on an unbelievable show! If you haven’t already, go get his album! You will not be disappointed!


Wow! Just Wow! What a Night!