K102 Country Cruise with Devin Dawson

K102 Country Cruise with Devin Dawson

by Kailee Thompson

If your idea of a perfect summer is sitting on the water with a cold drink in hand and listening to country music, then getting on the K102 Country Cruise should be your mission.  This past Monday, Devin Dawson boarded the Avalon cruise ship on the St. Croix River to put on an acoustic performance for K102 listeners. The “All On Me” singer broke the record for the amount of people aboard the ship for this event.

Devin Dawson is more than just a performer, but also a storyteller.  He opened up about the meaning behind each song, his inspiration, and the creative process that goes into each new song.  If there was one thing we all learned about Devin Dawson, it is that he loves his tequila. With the crowd ready to have fun and getting loud, Devin only lasted one song before he was having a drink with the rest of us.

This was Devin’s first acoustic show in a year and you could see his excitement about the uniqueness to play on a boat.  He interacted with the crowd between every song and he even played “Asking for a Friend” in a new tune that he had never performed before. The country cruise is truly an intimate experience with some of the most talented artists.

Mondays are not usually people’s favorite day, but this event was the exception. The sun was out and people were able to enjoy the good weather instead of spending their day at work.  Everyone who boarded the ship was given a St Croix Casino chip that could have landed you a meet and greet with Devin Dawson or tickets to the next cruise. There was also a drawing for Ramble Jam tickets that two lucky winners won passes to.

There was nothing but laughter and happy attitudes all afternoon long.  The Chris Carr morning show kept everyone entertained before and after Devin’s set and made their rounds to each and every person to thank them for being a part of the K102 Country Cruise.   While you may have to take the day off, you get a mini vacation with an experience most people will never get the chance to have.

Missed this cruise, but want to go to the next?  Listen to K102, get your phones out and start dialing the station when they announce the next cruise later this summer.