Man, I Love This…FESTIVAL

Man, I Love This…FESTIVAL

by Kailee Thompson

From the second they took the stage, the crowd was rowdy and ready to get crazier.  LOCASH was ready to show Brainerd, Minnesota a good time and throughout their performance, they showed the state a lot of love.  The band treated us kindly by playing two new songs, one of them only being played for the second time ever.


While LOCASH killed it with every hit song they played, people really started moving and singing when they played some classic country songs.  As soon as the guitarist played the chords to Chattahoochee, everyone started jumping wildly.  There wasn’t a pair of feet that could stand still with the band’s energy and the liveliness on stage as they performed.   The brothers also put a country twist on the pop song Closer, which was instantly a favorite as well.


As the brothers introduced their band members, they made it known to the crowd that their guitarist was a Packer football fan.  The fans erupted in “boos” and raising their hands with a thumbs down sign.  Naturally what followed was the skol chant and LOCASH looked at their guitarist and exclaimed, “YOU JUST GOT SKOLLED.” LOCASH clearly loved being on stage and expressed several times how much they love the Lakes Jam festival.  They wanted to give the performance they thought we all deserved.

To make their performance even more fun, LOCASH brought out a cameraman with a unique proposition to the crowd.  They announced that right then and there, their performance would be live on The Outdoor Channel.  The boys tuned up their guitars and screamed, “TRUCK YEAH.” The crowd began pumping their fists in the air and made sure that the people watching The Outdoor Channel knew just how rowdy we can get here.

One of the lead singers, Chris, brought out his son to strum the guitar behind them on stage.  He came out sporting an over-sized t-shirt and a Lakes Jam hat.  He stood in the back and strummed away until his fingers got tired and everyone chuckled when you could see him shaking his hand to give it a rest.  Everyone cheered and welcomed him on stage like he belonged there all along.

Just when you thought the show was over, LOCASH came back out and gave a fantastic announcement.  Partnering with Tito’s vodka, not only would they put on an encore, but they would also donate $5,0000 to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  In light of the location of the donation, the boys sang Don’t Stop Believing, a favorite crowd-classic.  There was not a single person in the crowd who didn’t have their hands up and who were not singing at the top of their lungs.

After the show, I chatted with the band's merchandise guy who said this was the first show he’s seen on their tour where they have performed that long, with that much energy, and to have an encore like that. Lakes Jam is truly a special place for LOCASH.  I think everyone could agree that in the words of LOCASH, “Man, It Don’t Get Better Than That.”