Morgan Evans & Chris Young - Mystic Lake

Morgan Evans & Chris Young - Mystic Lake\

by Katlyn Kretzschmar

This was my first Morgan Evans show. I was really excited to watch his show after hearing everyone rave about the shows they had attended. With his loop pedals strategically placed underneath him, ten bright lights behind him, Evans tore into a little more than an hour of music.

“I moved here from the east coast of Australia” he said, “I have had so much fun traveling around this country and fell in love with it here. I married an American girl last year.” The whole crowd went crazy when Morgan mentioned his wife Kelsea Ballerini. "I promise we are going to get back to the party, but I ask you to give me 3 minutes and nine seconds,” he asked the crowd before singing “Dance With Me” his duet with his wife. "This was the first song I wrote for Kelsea and its my favorite song on the new album."

One of my favorite moments from Morgans whole show was that he doesn’t have any actual band players on stage with him. Morgan beatboxes a lot of his own sounds. It is insane watching him rock the stage by himself making his own sounds. Morgan performed with passion and really got the crowd going. With the use of the pedal for the invisible band and backing vocals, you would never know there was no actual band there if you were just listening. Morgan had the crowd roped in and the crowd wanted more after his set.

What was so impressive about Chris Young show was his personality. The whole show he was smiling and bouncing around. Giving off the feeling that playing in the 80 degree temps isn’t so bad. With Chris’ pure self and raw talent, he has proven that you do not have to have big extravagant stages and light shows to win over a crowd. Just give him a guitar and let his vocals take over. Chris performed a lot of his old songs and new. It was so hot that everyone looked like they spilled their drink on themselves. Haha, But it was really sweat. Chris Young jokingly said “Today is a good day to not flex your abs”