Thomas Rhett - Home Team Tour

Thomas Rhett was the ‘Star of the Show’ in an ‘Unforgettable’ Night

by Molly Pass

     It was the 29th of November and the night was just like him: UNFOREGETTABLE! The crowd’s anticipation to see Thomas Rhett was high after the show last month was postponed, and he did not disappoint! Arriving on stage alone, singing “Crash and Burn” prior to his band making an appearance, Rhett got the whole crowd screaming. The start of the show consisted of only lights, and Thomas Rhett’s voice.

     Jumping right into his set of his Home Team Tour, he sang “South Side” from his second album, Tangled, and “Get Me Some of That” from his first studio album, It Goes Like This, before apologizing to the crowd for having to make up this show and for thanking the audience for making a Wednesday night feel like a Friday night.

     Thomas Rhett continued on with his show by performing more from his most recent album, Life Changes, which included, “Grave,” “Craving You,” “Sixteen,” one of his favorites on the album and the title track, “Life Changes.” Although the album has only been out for a few months, the crowd knew every word as if its been around for awhile.

     He did an exceptional job mixing up his set list and choosing a combination of newer and older songs. “Make Me Wanna” and “It Goes Like This” took us back to his first album and songs like “Star of the Show” and “Die a Happy Man” made us remember his second album. He even threw in a little Bruno Mars “24K Magic” and “That’s What I Like” and Florida Georgia Line’s “Round Here.”

     Mixing it up a bit, he brought his performance to the back of the arena to a smaller stage and sang “Marry Me” and “Sweetheart” which is where he danced with a woman born in 1943 and had the whole crowd slow dancing along with him. Bringing it back up to the front stage, he hopped on a set of drums and dueled it out against his drummer. Seriously, what can’t Thomas Rhett do? He has a dreamy voice, nonstop dance moves, mad guitar skills and can pound out a beat on the drums.

     The final stretch of his performance was non-stop action with some crowd favorites including “Vacation,” “Unforgettable,” and “T-Shirt.” The entire performance was a well-executed production from start to finish. The lights, the confetti, the music and the dancing went together cohesively and kept the crowd on their toes to see what was coming next.

     With a large fan base and three studio albums out so far, we know Thomas Rhett will remain in the middle of the country music scene for awhile. Just last week, Rhett was nominated for the Grammy’s 2018 Best Country Album of the Year with Life Changes. He brings many exciting elements to country music by adding his own unique flare to each song. Unforgettable, memorable, impressive and down right excellent are just a few words to try to encompass the performance that Thomas Rhett put on last night.