There Was No ‘Better Place’ than at Kane Brown’s Concert with Walker McGuire

There Was No ‘Better Place’ than at Kane Brown’s Concert with Walker McGuire on Saturday Night

by Molly Pass

     Kane Brown with Walker McGuire had a SOLD OUT show on November 11 in Onamia, MN at Grand Casino-Mille Lacs. The audience was composed of many dedicated fans who were reppin’ their Kane Brown apparel. The anticipation was high while they waited for the show to start in a packed event center turned concert venue.

Walker McGuire

     Coming to the stage, they shared some exciting news in which they signed a record deal in September and will have an album coming out in the next year. They sang some songs such as “Back Together,” “You Don’t Even Know,” and Growing Up,” which was written about growing up and wanting to drink with your dad when you get older.


     This duo had a great sense of humor and was willing to constantly interact with the crowd. One of their best lines were, “I know you’re here to see us perform, but a guy named Kane Brown is also here to perform for you guys if you want to stick around!” Their one-liners kept coming all night and made the audience laugh the whole time. 

     Jordan Walker shared that he co-wrote Luke Comb’s “When It Rains It Pours” and was his first ever number one song as a songwriter. We got to hear Walker McGuire perform that song. They then went into a segment of 90's country song to throw it back to their childhood and these songs included: “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” by Toby Keith and “Check Yes or No” by George Straight. We even got to hear their rendition of Tom Petty’s “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.”

     As their time came to a close, they ended with their song, “Til Tomorrow” which has hit Top 40 of country hits which prompted their radio tour. Their last song was “Mysteries of the World” before ending a great time on stage while opening up. 

     Walker McGuire, consisting of Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire, offer a new, refreshing twist on country music. This dynamic duo has a brotherly chemistry that is undeniably shown in their voice. From the minute they took to the stage, they had the crowd on their feet. Their personalities and humor shone as they interacted with the crowd throughout the whole night. Walker McGuire has a bright future in country music and we can’t wait to see more of them!

Kane Brown

     Prior to the concert, we had a chance to be a part of Kane Brown’s question and answer session. Some of the highlights from this was that we learned Rambo doesn’t get to come on tour very often because he doesn’t behave that well, Thanksgiving and Christmas are his favorite holidays because he gets to see his family and eat! He was also the most excited to see Tyler Perry at the CMAs and was pumped when Faith Hill and Tim McGraw came up to shake his hand. His current song on repeat while on tour is Havana by Camilia Cabello. 

     When it was time for him to perform, Kane Brown had a performance that was electrifying from head to toe, literally. His neon green soles of his shoes matched his on fire voice. He came out strong with “Pull It Off,” “Rockstars,” and “Better Place,” from his newest Deluxe album. He played “Learning” from his newest album as well which he attributed to connecting with him and his fans the most. 

     Kane shared that there are two reasons that he chooses to sing which are 1) he wants to make his family proud and 2) he wants to make himself proud. With that said, he went on to perform, “Hometown” and had the whole crowd singing along. 

     Kane and his acoustic guitar player, Alex Anthony, who has been there since Brown’s YouTube days, did a 3 song acoustic set to flashback to where their journey began. These songs included “3 Wooden Crosses” by Randy Travis, “Body Like a Back Road” by Sam Hunt and “Let Me Down Easy” by Billy Currington. He also played “Chattahoochee” by Alan Jackson. 

      After recently finishing up on his tour with Florida Georgia Line, he adopted their tradition of having a mini mixtape in their concert with several songs of different genres that the crowd would know. Kane Brown’s mini mixtape tonight was “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne, “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber and “Closer” by Chainsmokers. 

     Kane slowed it down a bit with a song written to his fiancé called “What’s Mine is Yours” and then picked it back up with “Thunder in the Rain,” and “Heaven” which will be hitting radio on Monday and is already past 46 on the country charts. He capped his performance with “What If” and there was not a single person in attendance who was not singing along to this song! 

      If you didn’t come to the concert being a die hard Kane Brown fan, you definitely left being one. He sure knows how to put on a show! From his adorable smile, his incredible voice, his heartbreaking dance moves and his all around fun attitude, it is hard not to fall in love with this country music singer. It’s only been a few years since Kane Brown made an appearance in country music, and boy, has he made an impact already!