Mark Chesnutt - New Album & George Jones 

By Jenna Paige

       Any artist can tell you that the goal in the music industry is to stick around for a long time, making albums, and creating music that will draw in and keep fans. After 26 years, Mark Chesnutt has accomplished this.  Talent runs in the family and comes naturally for this well-known singer. Chesnutt's father was a singer who encouraged his son to follow his dreams. Mark's mom and brothers also loved to sing along to 50s and 60s rock 'n' roll. Hank Williams, George Jones, and Merle Haggard were just a few with that Chesnutt grew up listening to and had an influence on him. His father had connections within the music industry in Nashville. This gave Mark a leg up and starting his musical career.


     At age 16, Chesnutt was singing and clubs in Beaumont, Texas and becoming widely noticed.  He recalls playing his first real show at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth, TX when his single Too Cold at Home first came out. "When we got there they told us to pull our bus around to load in our equipment. They were expecting us to have a big tour bus but all we had were a couple of old cargo vans," Chesnutt jokes. The album Too Cold at Home was released by MCA records out of Nashville and put the singer on the map. "When the song came out it was extremely hot outside and the fans could relate to the song and just loved it," Mark explained. He was on the road full-time by 1990 it was becoming a well-known classic country artist. Too Cold at Home went certified platinum and produced five top 10 hits for Chesnutt. "Brother Jukebox", "Goin' Through the Big D", and "Bubba Shot the Jukebox" are just a few of the 30 singles on the U.S. Billboard hot country songs charts that Chesnutt has released over the years. Chesnutt's Time, hard work, and talent shines bright with every song he sings and performs. George Jones,who sadly passed away in 2013, was not only an influence on Mark but also became a good friend to him. The singer/songwriter became a friend in many ways and became very supportive of Chesnutt and his career. "You can always depend on me. But if I ever catch you acting up, I'm going to come after you and set you straight," Chesnutt said his late friend always told him. "And anytime I did something wrong, he did." Jones and Chesnutt even toured together in the mid 90s. Chesnutt noted, "not a day goes by that I don't think about him." Needless to say, having good influences, and a hard work ethic, has really helped Mark Chesnutt become the amazing artist he is today and continues to be. 

       "There are easy ways and hard ways to make a living," Mark stated when he asked why he does what he does. "I try to do my best and music is what I do."  Fans are very important to Chesnutt. New fans and long time fans, both young and old, make the classic country singer want to do what he does. "I won't change my style of music to be what the labels want it to be," he says. "People seem to love the classic country and it's making a comeback."  He said he felt very honored to be recognized for his talent and hard work.


  His new album, Tradition Lives, was released on July 8, 2016. It features 12 new songs plus a bonus track, "There Won't Be Another Now" which is Chesnutt's tribute to Merle Haggard. This highly anticipated album will be Chesnutt's 15th album. The classic, honky-tonk music on this record will undoubtedly have fans grabbing their dance partners for a little fun. Mark Will be touring through January making a stop right here in Minnesota at the Reif Center in Grand Rapids. The event will start at 7:30 PM. Make sure you had on over to get your tickets as this will surely be a show to remember.




       Mark Chestnut continues to give his fans what they want - good, fun, classic country. With 14 No. 1 hits, 23 top ten singles, four platinum albums and 5 gold records, Mark Chesnutt continues to rise and bring back the classic country sound. 


     The Country Source will also be giving you an opportunity to win a pair of tickets to see Mark perform at The Rief Center on November 3rd.  Come visit us over at our Facebook page for more details and concert announcements - The Country Source Facebook