Phil Vassar - 'American Soul'

by JQ

     After taking a break for the last six years to spend time with his girls and reflect, Vassar certainly did not skip a beat with 'American Soul'.

     The piano man of country music Phil Vassar is back with a brand new album, 'American Soul' releasing December 2nd. The Country Source was lucky enough to get the opportunity to preview 'American Soul' and let me tell you, Phil has given his fans and country music a musical treat!

     Starting the album off with the title track, the song instantly makes you want to get up and dance. With the beautiful piano interludes that makes every Vassar song his. 

     This album has something for everyone. From songs that feel like they could've been on any 80's rock ballad album like the song "I'm not built that way" to the groove induced song "Mississippi" that is reminiscent of Vassar's song "Baby Rocks" from his 2008 album 'Prayer of a common man'.

     Phil has made a career out of his amazing song writing and story telling and 'American Soul' is nothing short of what we have all come to love from Vassar. His duet with country singer-songwriter Sarah Darling "Voice in my head" is one of the best duets I've heard this year. Their voices intertwine and create some of the best harmonies I've heard. 

     Six years may have passed since Vassar released an album. In a genre that is ever changing, Phil has done an amazing job of growing as an artist but also staying true to the artist that his fans have loved from the beginning. It's evident some things time can't change. Vassar's voice and storytelling with American Soul are so spot on, it's like Phil never left us. 



Some of my stand out favorites. But to be fair, the whole album is amazing. 

1) "Sound Of A Million Dreams" - Many country music fans will recognize this song right away. Vassar co-wrote this song for David Nail (which appeared on David's 2011 album by the same name). Vassar's take of this song has a newfound emotion in it that only the writer can exude.

2) "American Soul"- First track on the album, great opener to the album. This song has all the Vassar hit song components: Amazing piano intro, catchy lyrics, and great voice. I can't wait to hear it on the radio.

3) "I'm Not Made That Way" - Vassar's voice, lyrics and piano make this song one of my favorites. It has an 80's/90's power balladesque feel to it.