The Church Choir Will Sing Again Soon

by Molly Pass

     After nearly 3 years without new music from Eric Church, he is set to release his newest album, Desperate Man, on October 5, 2018. Keeping his fans at the top of his priority list, he announced his new album in a live video directly speaking to his fans. Eric Church strongly values his fan club, the Church Choir, and has made changes to the different tiers of the fan group and what each one gets access to. His goal is to make the Church Choir more accessible and welcoming to more of his fans. The first song of the new album, "Desperate Man," will be available everywhere tomorrow, Friday, July 13 and is currently playing on country radio. With Eric Church being a 2 time CMA Album of the Year winner, we can't wait to hear what this album has in store. Collaborating with some of the same writers and producer as his previous album, Mr. Misunderstood, we are sure this album will far exceed our expectations once again. Mark your calendars now for October 5th and be sure to check out the first glimpse of the album tomorrow! In a few short months, the Church Choir will have a whole new album to sing along to!