Tim Charron  - A Humble Soul  

by Jenna Paige

       The beach life is the good life for this Rhode Island native. Growing up on the East Coast set the sound for Charron. At just 14 years old, Tim and his buddies formed a band and he began his music career.  His first show was at his high school for a MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) event. He wowed the crowd by coming out to the stage to the same intro that Elvis Presley used for his shows. Charron still uses the same intro for all of his shows to this day. Tim is not only a talented artist, but a huge advocate for young kids who are bullied with his Livin' The Dream Anti-Bullying Campaign. As a young boy, Charron was bullied a lot. "I was bullied for two years by the same kid. It was horrible and life-changing," Tim tells us. "I want to at least make an awareness."  Charron was able to do a presentation about bullying at the very school where he was mistreated and his words had a very positive impact on the students and staff who attended. "I like to keep it fun, have the students sing along to my songs with me, and be able to tell my story," Tim states. He has definitely used his past to make a difference in the lives of others now.

       This 34-year-old artist has a sound that can make all of his fans want to get up and dance. His music has been described as "Country rock with a twist of lime."  Charron has shared the stage with artists such as Bret Michaels, Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels Band, Dustin Lynch, and many more.  His talent is surely being discovered. "I really like Garth Brooks. He puts on such an energetic show," Tim tells us. "If I am going to pay for a concert, I want to see a show," he jokes. Becoming a national artist is the ultimate goal in the music industry for this upbeat guy. He tends to shy away from songs that don't show who he really is. "Songs about trucks and living on a farm just aren't me," Tim declares. Charron really seems to enjoy what he does as an artist as well as a person in general. "You can't fake it, you have to have a good time doing what you're doing," he insists. His album "Chasing The Sun" has fun, upbeat, and relatable songs. It also features Jason Aldeans's band.  Charron and Rich Redmond, who is the drummer for Jason Aldean as well as a motivational speaker, have become good friends. Rich decided to pull together the rest of the band and helped Tim put together this amazing album. Charron is currently performing in the US on his "Chasing The Sun" Tour. Though Tim shares his time in both Nashville in Florida, he is ecstatic to return to his hometown for their 50th anniversary Washington County Fair in Rhode Island. He will be playing for thousands of fans which will include many friends and family.  The show is this Saturday, August 20. Make sure to get your tickets at www.washingtoncountyfair.


     There seems to be no end in sight for this East Coast artist who loves the beach and absolutely loves what he does day in and day out for his fans. He will surely continue to rise to fame. His generosity and insights with the anti-bullying campaign, his talents in music, and his amazing outlook on life is what will continue to make Tim Charron one of the country greats. The best advice he's received and really stuck to came from Mike Marsh (Drummer for Dashboard Confessional), "just be a cool dude." Tim has really seemed to stick to this. "Never let competitiveness and envy get in your way," Tim shares. We can all take advice from this humble soul. 

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