Toby Keith - Treasure Island Resort and Casino

By Jenna Paige          


@officialtobykeith last night!

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       For those of you who were unable to make to Treasure Island Resort and Casino for Toby Keith's Interstates and Tailgates Tour, you missed one hell of a show!   More than 3000 fans filled the outdoor concert venue to enjoy the show. Rainy weather didn't stop fans from showing up early to hang out with the K102 crew. Inside the casino at the Parlay Lounge, guests belted out their favorite Toby Keith hits at the karaoke contest for chances at winning great Treasure Island prizes. Outside, K102's Chris Carr, Maverick, and Kia greeted fans and handed out great prizes including meet and greets for Toby Keith. 

       Opening act Waterloo Revival, gave their fans, as well as Toby's, a high-energy and crowd engaging performance. George and Cody of Waterloo Revival sat down with The Country Source before the show to let all their fans know that they were going to put on an unforgettable performance. They surely stuck to their word as fans, both new and establish, danced and sang along to the newcomers beats. The Austin, Texas artists told us they were having a great time on the Interstates and Tailgates Tour and feel very honored to be on it. They certainly did not disappoint any of the fans. They put on an amazing show and left guests wanting more.

       Toby Keith supported our veterans by donating a portion of every ticket sale from the show to the Disabled American Veterans Foundation and also the Hiawatha Valley Family Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Program. Many veterans attended the show. Toby also paid tribute to one of the greats in a man he also looked up to you, Merle Haggard.  He was definitely on point with his performance on the stage. Fans cheered and sang along with every word to the compilation of haggard songs. Fans also went wild when Keith went back to his early days with songs such as Should've Been a Cowboy, Who's That Man, and A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action. Though the singer is country, it didn't keep him from rocking to one of his favorites Ted Nugent. The fans screamed when Toby Keith whipped out Stranglehold and gave them a performance they wouldn't forget! Concert goers flocked the stage to dance and show TK their love. Just when everyone thought the show was over, an encore ensued as well as cheers from the crowd. It just goes to show that even after 23 years, Toby Keith still loves his fans and continues to bring his energetic and fun performances to all of us.

       Overall, Treasure Island Resort and Casino put together an amazing concert and we truly hope they can offer us more outdoor shows on our beautiful Minnesota nights which are far and few in between.