Travis Tritt – A Man and His Guitar – LIVE From The Franklin Theatre

by JQ  

     Sometimes all you need is a man and his guitar and Travis Tritt shows you why with his latest album. Tritt's voice has never sounded better on his new live album 'A Man and his guitar', recorded at the Franklin Theatre. I am not usually a fan of live albums mostly because the screaming fans after every song takes away from the flow of the music, but I have to say Tritt has now changed my mind.

     Stripping all the songs down to just Tritt and his guitar, the album leaves you feeling like Tritt is sitting on your couch playing after a nice family dinner. From the amazing guitar intros in "500 Miles Away From Home" to the emotionally charged "Anymore". 

     What sets this live album apart from others I've heard is Travis brings you into his world by his great story telling. Giving the audience a glimpse into his musical life. Telling us stories like, when Tritt's children met James Otto for the first time and Tritt's son called Otto a "giant". James Otto joined him on the song "Lord Have Mercy On The Working Man" their voices sound great together. 

     A nice treat comes on disc two when Marty Stuart joins Tritt for two songs, "Whiskey Ain't Workin" and the instrumental "Pickin' At It". Not only do the two of them sound great together but their friendship, stories and laughter in between songs will make you smile and laugh right along with them. Great news, Travis announced Marty and himself are working on an album together.

     This two disc album is sure to be a favorite among Tritt fans. With some of his biggest hits from, "Here's a quarter" to "T-R-O-U-B-L-E" you will find some of your favorites and bring you right back to 1990 and reminisce about the first time you heard one of Tritt's many hits.


Our Pickin' must listen list....

1. "Walk The Line" - Tritt's stripped down version of this classic Johnny Cash song is one of the best versions I've ever heard. 

2. "Anymore" - Tritt's live acoustic version of this fan favorite will leave you with the chills. You can just feel the emotion, Tritt's vocals will resonate with you long after the song is done.

3. "Pickin' At It (with Marty Stuart)" - no vocals just amazing pickin' going on. This song is a great sneak peek into their new album they are working on.

Tritt's album is set to be released on November 18th on iTunes and is available for pre-order now!