Ty Herndon - "House on Fire"

by Jacquelyn Stebbins

     When I hear Ty Herndon's name it brings me back to 1995 and his hit song 'What mattered most'. Pressing play on his newest album 'House on Fire', which is out Friday 11-11, I anticipated Ty's amazing voice what I didn't anticipate is how much of an emotional journey this album would take me on. Each song ebbs and weaves like the roller coaster of our lives.

     The minute I started listening to 'House on Fire' I knew I was in for a treat. Starting with the get up and dance anthem 'That kind of night' filled with energy and great vocals.

     Journey after journey every song leaves you relating somehow to your own life. From falling in love and not wanting to be 'Just Friends' to heartbreak and losing your love and having to deal with the pain in 'Blame it on the Mustang'.



Here is my must listen list;

 1. "That Kind of Night" - Feel good song that makes you want to get up and dance. Ty's vocals are on point. This song is the perfect song to open the album up with. Sets the tone for the albums journey.

2. "If You" - great play on words song about ex lovers. Very catchy lyrics "If you think I'd ever do us again, well you must have some serious issues. I'm on the radio so I can't say it. But baby I'll abbreviate it, If You."

3. "Fighter" -  Fighter is the "I am enough" anthem. Beautiful song about never giving up, being who you are meant to be despite life's circumstances. Killer vocals and lyrics, "When I'm down in the dirt, I'm gonna rise up even higher. Then I was before, I was born a survivor. A Fighter."

4. "House on Fire" - Song about acceptance, accepting your past growing from it and moving on. Lyrics are almost hauntingly relatable to anyone that has overcome life's obstacles.“I poured the gas, I lit the match, didn’t grab a damn thing on my way out but I stopped and watched as the flames grew higher to my house on fire”.

5. "Blame It On The Mustang" - Hauntingly amazing vocals on this song about losing a love. This song will definitely be a fan favorite between Ty's vocals and lyrics "I hate that interstate for paving your getaway. And leaving me with this pain so I blame it on the mustang."

     From the very first song to the very last song, 'House on Fire' is a masterpiece of love, loss, life, hope and most of all feel good music. In an ever changing world, it's a great relief when one can get lost in a song. Ty does just that with this album. After decades in the industry Herndon has found his voice in an ever changing genre with an album that will resonate with the young and old.