Waterloo Revival 


     Jenna Paige recently had an opportunity to talk with Cody Cooper and George Birge - Waterloo Revival about getting their start, who they'd like to tour with and much more when they stopped by Treasure Island Casino with Toby Keith.  


     We also had a chance to get in with the fans that were lucky enough to get a "meet & greet" with Waterloo Revival.  The guys made it seem like more of a get-together at a friends house than a quick in and out typical meet & greet.  

     The fans packed into Cody & George's trailer where they were treated to a brief acoustic song.  George sang, while Cody played guitar to "This Ain't My Truck" by Rhett Akins.  The conversations were genuine & down to earth as they took the time to chat with fans on a personal level.  These two haven't let their rapid growth get the best of them.  




     Waterloo jumped on stage and immediately took control with the confidence and spark of veteran performers.  With a little bit of help from Siri, the guys got the fans up and moving with Backwoods Bump.  They play with the energy that gets the fans moving and keeps them there.  With great guitar skills and an incredible voice, the guys move about the stage and keep the crowd engaged.  


     We look forward to more unique music from Waterloo Revival and would recommend them to anyone that enjoys a high energy show from guys that know how to combine modern country with classic country's meaningful lyrics.  The group is also quite active on social media and provides  a interesting glimpse into their "Nashville Acoustic Sessions".